Excess money or do we say so much love? A Nigerian billionaire (name withheld), based in Enugu recently buried his mother in a Hummer.
The moneybag used the sport utility vehicle instead of a traditional casket to bury his beloved mother.
He also splashed the car with over 10,000 dollars. See more photos below.
trust my Enugu guy's, they will uproot the corpse overnight and steal the dollars and probably scrap the hummer jeep.
Hope d mother got a fair treatment while she was alive.....another waste of money....surely guys wud exhume d stuff after d buerial

This is a total waste of money, coupled with extreme foolishness.
Please, what is the essence of all this? Why bury her with a jeep? What is the relevance?
It's not like she is contesting wealthiness with other people that have been buried, or going to drive the car and flaunt it around while in the grave, so why waste money burying her in a car.

We Negros should be wise. We were provided with brains for an important reason, which is to think right and make intelligent judgments and decisions.


  1. Just give me the money unwise billionaire

  2. person wey need money neva get, nal so this idiot they lavish money anyhow. metchew 8-)

  3. YOU BURYING HER WITH AN SUVcar won't make her go to heaven .... so please be wise