Yeeeeaaaa thank Gods is Friday and it is time for fun and information. Is time to discuss the best place and the most costliest place or culture to marry in Nigeria. In Nigeria, is definitely a big deal when you talk about marriage, considering the kind of money and energy people invest into it to make it happen. 

That is the period where every bride gets to feel like a queen because of the way they are celebrated. It is usually a royal event and depending on how big the wedding is, you will be shocked to find the important dignitaries in the society in these occasions/ceremonies. Though in most cases, these traditional rites can be termed as expensive cultures to marry from and so are dreaded. 

Although the most expensive cultures to marry from in Nigeria is not restricted to just a geographic region or tribe in Nigeria, but of course the eastern part of Nigeria - the Igbo speaking region of Nigeria and also some states from the Southern part of Nigeria can be said to be some of the most expensive cultures to get a wife. 

Checkout the list of the 10 most expensive cultures in Nigeria to marry from.... (least to highest):

10. The Annang People of Akwa Ibom state

The Annang people are found in Akwa Ibom state and they are the second largest ethnic group in Akwa Ibom state. Any groom who intends taking a bride from the Annang people must be ready to meet and fulfill the traditional marriage rites which is indeed expensive because of the loads of stuff and fees that the groom is expected buy and pay for.
9. The Ogoja People of Cross Rivers state

The Ogoja people are found in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State. The major communities in Ogoja are Ekpogrinya,, Nwang, Esham, Nnang, Egbong, Ewinimba and Banasara. Marrying an Ogoja lady is expensive because of all that is required for the groom to fulfill before the bride can be handed over to him.

8. The Ibibio People of Akwa Ibom state

The Ibibio people are found in Akwa Ibom state and they are known to be hardworking people especially when it comes to the Agricultural sector. The requirements from any man who wants to take an Ibibio woman is a wife can be said to be expensive because of the numerous components that makes up the list.

7. The Efik People of Cross Rivers State 

The Efik people have a rich culture and marriage is not left out. A groom is expected to organize a carnival like event for the traditional marriage especially if he is getting married to the daughter of an influential person in the town.

6. The Ngwo People of Enugu State

I know many people has been expecting to see the igbo people. Well, the Ngwo culture requires that any man that wants to marry their daughter must be willing to prove that he can take care of their daughter by first meeting their requirements which often is expensive and at least train one of bride's sister or brother.

5. The Ikwere People of Rivers State

The Ikwere people are found in Rivers State and they are generally considered to be Igbo people because of the similarities in both their language and culture of the Igbo people. Taking a bride here is in excess of one million naira, hence it is amongst the most expensive cultures to marry from in Nigeria.

4. The Mbano People of Imo State

Well, Nollywood beloved Chinedu Ikedieze married from this town. Mbano is a community that is located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria and they are part of the Igbo people of Nigeria. The groom must fulfill all that is listed in the marriage list, and in some cases, if the groom is wealthy, he might even be required to build a house for the bride’s parents as part of the marriage requirements.

3. The Mbaise People of Imo State


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