A 17 year old girl, Miss Tessy tried to take her life after finding out that her sugar daddy who took her to an unnamed hotel in Abuja had infected her with the much dreaded HIV disease. Staff of the said hotel who were perplexed when Miss Tessy suddenly ran out of her hotel room heading to the pool side, got the shock of their life when she dived into the deepest part of the pool and started drowning.
If not for the timely intervention of the swimming pool attendant, who also dived into the pool and rescued the girl, the story would have been different.
After she was rescued, she started shouting “Please leave me to die, I want to die” However, a staff of the hotel saw a phone in her jean trouser’s pocket, he took out the Sim card from the phone (which was obviously soaked with water) and inserted the Sim in his own phone. He called the first number on the Sim “Aunty Gloria” when the lady “Aunty Gloria” picked up the phone, she was informed about Tessy’s attempted suicide and was asked to come and take her home as her condition was now stable (after the first aid administered).
Furthermore, Tessy was interrogated on the reason for her action, she started crying and speaking at the top of her voice, that the man who brought her to the hotel had infected her with HIV. She told the hotel staff and guests that were with her, that the man after having sex with her told her that he wanted to go out and buy some fruits from a fruit market not too far from the hotel. However, two hours later after the man left, he sent her a text message telling her that he has infected her with HIV, he told her that he was infected with HIV last year by a girl and that he will never go down alone.
On further interrogation, the girl said that she is only 17 years old and that she just met the man (Philip) two weeks ago and decided to follow him to the hotel on his invitation. Some people advised her to go to the hospital and test for HIV before jumping into conclusion.
Others scolded her for trying to take her life over a matter she is not even sure of, they told her that even if the test is positive, that does not give her the right to want to take her life because there are so many people living with the disease and doing very well in life.


  1. Hello, Please that hotel you are using is were i work.....and no such thing happened here kindly drop the picture you attached to your information as it is false and total rubbish.

    Thank you.