Cheaters in relationship or marriage have common characters,
you may began to suspect one if he/she practice this five things.

1. He/she will never answer calls in your presence: Cheaters in relationship or marriage always have this
suspicious character, whenever they want to answer important call, they will change position to a very far distance
where they know you cannot be able to hear his/her conversations with the caller.
The only important calls they will allow you to hear the conversations is only when one of their family member call them.
please suspect any man or lady that easily run out to receive calls.

2. He/She will not allow you to touch his/her phone: They will not allow anyone to touch their phone, whenever a call enters the phone,
they will rush and pick up the phone, even when you are more closer to the phone, they will never ask you to bring it.
3. He/she will never save your number with your real name: This one is very common especially to ladies, she will save your number with "BANK or ATM" because
you are important only when she needs money.
some people may not even save your number atall, while some will save your number with only one alphabet, for example if your name is mark, she will save your number
with M, or if your name is Goodness, he will save it with G. this simply means that you have no important role to play in his/her life.
Please Be proud of your relationship and your marriage.

4. Not Being Jealous: Yes you heard me, i said not being jealous.
Jealousy plays an important role in every relationship or marriage, if your partner is not jealous whenever he/she sees you
with other ladies or men, then he/she might be a cheater.
even God is a jealous God because he created us for his glory, and he will be jealous when we are not giving him the glory.
If he/she is not jealous, that means you are not important and you are just a minor person to him/her.

5. Not caring: You will find out that you are the only person calling him/her on phone, chatting him/her on facebook, being the first to say hi on whatsapp,
sending  messages only to remind him/her how you care, Nigerians do say Haba!, when a lady or a man is not showing any atom of care, suspect him/her because there
is another person elsewhere dangling in your marriage or relationship.

Thanks for reading.

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