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Getting a partner these days has become easier and faster. You don't need to attend your friend's birthday bash with the intention of seeing the prettiest girl or the most handsome man in the group.

One of the ways people get hooked up is through social media. One could be scrolling down that Facebook page or Instagram admiring pretty and hunk faces and get a hook.
This is exactly what one man identified as Dee did.
The man found a pretty girl on Instagram, hit on her and within no days they were out on a date.
They fell in love and six months down the line they became husband and wife.
The man was respectful enough not to hurry the new acquisition into laying her. He waited, just like the Holy books advise, for the right time to get down on her.
But things turned ugly when the two got to bed to have intimacy. The lady hit the bathroom, had a shower and on returning, our good brother realised she wasn't the same girl he had has always dated


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