Here are 5 signs you might have been infected with the deadly HIV virus. Go run a test at the hospital now.
1. Constant fatigue
Constant fatigue and a fever are signs you should get checked out. Although, they do not always mean you’re infected with HIV, you can never be too cautious. When paired with a sore throat, sore lymph organ, joint weakness, there is reason to believe you may test positive.
2. Infections Caused By Candida Yeast
A common fungus, found in your mouth, that makes it difficult to swallow food and water, may be a red flag. Get tested right away.
3. Skin Rashes
HIV makes the immune system weak, which makes it very easy to experience skin rashes. If there is intense irritation and burning, make sure to get tested.
4. Vomiting And Diarrhea
Short-term nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting are common early signs of HIV. 40% of the people who tested positive have experienced this. Weight fluctuation and fatigue, are closely related, and would also be considered red flags.

5. Dry Cough
Dry cough is a very common symptom of HIV. It’s also related to allergies, but if you’re also experiencing fatigue and weight loss, get checked out by a doctor, right away.


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