It’s quite brief and very alerting to those of us that are very open to social media and aren’t concerned or disturbed by what we share regularly.
I’m quite of an open person, but very streaked when it comes to guarding my space. I detest it when people rudely intrude my privacy without giving it a second thought, people should be given spaces and also create spaces for themselves to prevent outlookers (pokers).
I once shared a photo on about Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg covering his cam and microphone jack with a tape on his laptop..that of course should give you brain tickle on why you ought to guard your Info on Facebook by sharing non private data online.
The 5 Don’ts For Facebook:


If it’s your mobile phone number, I see no reasons on why you should share your contacts on Facebook with the public.
Prank callers, stalkers, identity fakers, email spammers and contacts seekers could seek to exploit you with such advantage by doing all sorts of things to ridicule your social and personal circle.
If you love talking/mailing to friends on Facebook, try restricting your contact info to friends, school colleagues or only friends of friends, it will minimize vulnerability if your friends are somewhat trustworthy.


Why on earth would you want to share your work information if you love privacy and fear Kidnappers. It’s scary but they have been cases of people being kidnapped for letting their jobs life go public without proper caution.
If it’s not a Facebook Page don’t share, except you’re a public figure.
Next time you think of sharing your workplace, think again.


No one would love surprise visits from unknown or untold guests, especially if you stay with your parents or otherwise.
I hate surprise visits and so would some of y’all, except sanguine ! To halt such visits, make sure you never share your home address(es) on Facebook except otherwise.
Who knows whether poachers are looking for who to visit!!! Don’t be a victim.


If you’re married or single, it should stay private, except you don’t want poachers trying to sway you to their tune – try keeping it private.
If you are interested in Women or Men it should stay private, except you wanna get hooked up or do something like that.


I actually mean the date like 1989… 1993… everyone loves good birthday wishes.
If you don’t like amebor analysts crawling your profile for your age information, make it private or restricted to your circle of friends, classmates and families who you trust.


Social media is very powerful….so powerful that whatever you post in it (negative) will definitely come back to hunt you.
Is it the guy who tweeted “he hates his job” and got fired the next day? Or the Telcom Company that went through one of their candidate’s Facebook timeline and saw “This network sucks” that was tweeted by him over a year ago?
Don’t ever share your nudes online! Not even by mistake! They’re so quick to go viral in seconds!!


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