A heartless man has brutally murdered his wife after a disagreement and secretly buried her at the back of their house.
The shallow grave of the woman as shocked community members gaze on
A heartless 27-year-old man has allegedly killed his 22-year-old wife and buried her behind their house at Manyole village, Nambale, Busia County of Kenya.
According to a Tuko report, Stephen Barasa was arrested by the police after he was brought by his mother from Uganda where they bought land. He was arrested after a woman grazing her cows 
noticed the shallow grave. It is believed that two might have been involved in a marital disagreement. 
Neighbours told police that the suspect and his wife were last seen on 20th May 2016.
Police have also obtained a court order to exhume the body of Lucy Stencia Mulokota but according to reports, they are yet to start the operation.


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