Lol! When I saw this pic, what came to my mind is how I'm going to help some ladies who have allowed the greed for "instant gratification" affect their future without knowing. See my take below...
Look at these two photos well: Many so called fine girls today will reject Vincent Enyeama as he was in 2004, but they can kill themselves or kill another lady today just to be his woman. If you try to advise them, they will tell you that every lady want to marry a rich man, that they are not the only one.

Guess what? You are just misguided. There is no permanent rich or poor man, you are simply blinded by your desire for immediate enjoyment. A rich man today can be FLAT BLOKE in less than 5 years from now. A regular guy today can be SUPER RICH in the next 5 years or even less.

That is why many marriages are failing, as the averagely rich guys are seeing their woman as trophy wife who married them because she is fine and he is rich. If that man become broke, you can't cope. Troubles!

Ladies, if you can't marry a man like Enyeama as he then was and grow with him to where he is today, just know that you are being ruled by greed... Check yourself and change for your own good!


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