Cute family. But then its really bad. A look a the picture and you can tell that the girl carrying the little boy is nothing but a maid

Just look at how his little girl is beautifully dressed and the bigger girl's dressing with her slippers and its a day of celebration. Can't he even afford to buy all these rubber sandals of N300 for the poor girl. A closer look at her hair shows that the hair she is carrying is close to 3 months. Its not air. 

I keep saying this thing, If you know you would not treat them like your children, do not get little kids as house maids. She is human too and deserves some good pretty things, She deserves to be taken care of. Food is not enough, Let people not differentiate your child from that little girl that is your maid. Where is our humanity and to even think that the culprit this time is someone who calls himself a celebrity is appalling.


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