has saturated Nigeria with modern gadgets that have made communication easier, business transactions exciting, religion very comfortable and human relationship better.

However, civilization still has a long way to go when it comes to eradicating a lot of barbaric practices that our ancient fathers had practiced.

We have the following die hard barbaric practices still happening in Nigeria;

Female Genital Mutilation

Even some so called civilized and educated parents including few who are outside the shores of Africa are still supporting this act called female circumcision.

It is believed to be a religious obligation that can control the libido of a woman.

Osu - The Igbo caste system

An osu is considered as a person who is owned by the gods. In some parts of the Eastern Nigeria, this practice is still on. The victims are not expected to have any dealing with others.

Maltreatment Of Widows

n some parts of the Eastern Nigeria, when a husband dies, the widow is subjected to an untold suffering.
Everything that is owned by the husband is taken away, leaving her and kids to look for help elsewhere.

Witch Hunts

In this era where aircraft are flying around the skies, people are still haunting for people who are believed to be witches.

When someone is identified as a witch that is the end of public association with that person. Sometimes, they are killed without allowing the law to take its position in the matter.




The end of the ancient slavery where the blacks were subjected to labour has come and gone. It has been replaced by modern slavery which seems to be the worse.

Ladies are sold outside their countries for prostitution and other ill vices. Kids are kidnapped and taken to farms to work and child trafficking has equally made it a lucrative business.

Little Witches

From Akwa State, you would come to hear that some kids are witches who cause misfortune to their families and loved ones.

These kids are not spared with violence and they are often maimed for life.


People still eat their fellow humans in some parts of Nigeria. Most times, we do not hear about it but in few cases, their atrocities are opened to the public.

Human Sacrifice

The ancient gods are still powerful in some parts of Nigeria where humans are required for sacrifices to appease one god or the other.


We always find people with some parts of the bodies cut after they must have been killed for some sort of rituals.


This is rampant and has become one of the dared cultures in almost every city in Nigeria. The members are feared and the public stay away from them to avoid being punished or at times killed

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