1. A bizarre way of dressing

outrageous fashion trend that would make you laugh hard
These ladies do not have an iota of shame. This is shameful and ridiculous; there are lots of beautiful women in the society who do not walk n@.kkd. They are respected and able to break grounds with their creativity and intelligence.

When you see ladies who dress this way in the society, you can easily tell how shallow they are; they are most likely to be people with little or no self-esteem. Most times, they do not know what to do with their lives.

 4. What is this?

The most outrageous fashion trends that will make you laugh hard
This outrageous fashion trend starts when people wear clothes like this and post them on social media. They want to see people’s reactions and feedback. The ‘awwww’, ‘stunning’, ‘hot’ and other beautiful comments they get make them go gaga.
They simply lose it and go overboard with the next cloth they launch online. If people can at least rebuke these people at the early stage, then indecent dressing in the society can be minimized and curbed.

5. The ‘bra’ parties they host

The most outrageous fashion trends that will make you laugh hard
As much as we fight for gender equality, it should be noted that women can never be men. While men are allowed to bare their chest and move around, it is not acceptable for women to follow suit here.
This is Africa; as much as we allow our cultural values and morals to be pierced by the yearnings of civilization, some things will never be right here.

Women now host parties where they wear bras and are not ashamed to let their pictures be taken while at it. What morals would these ones pass on to their kids and the coming generation.


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