If I had known that everything about my se xuality would go down the drain in just few minutes, I would not have left my hostel that evening for Rita’s house.

My hostel was boring, my roomie had gone to see her boyfriend and she planned to sleep over. I decided to also sleep over at Rita’s, my close course mate who stays outside the school premises. It was quite dark and after alighting from the yellow-black coloured bus, I was joyous I will be at my friend’s place and we can gist all night long. I sauntered down the road not knowing my life was about to get depressed forever. There is a path to my destination that is always lonely. But in my previous trips using the path, we were always in groups. And it was either in the morning or late at night in Rita’s boyfriend’s car. It was quite dark but it didn’t seem to me that danger was lurking around the corner until a scraggy hand touched my upper arm. I turned in the dark and the sight I saw needed me to pick up my heels but my brain decided about running too late.
This was because I couldn’t get out of the grip of the might hands of the dirty, 

smelling mad man. Within a twinkle of an eye, he had pinned me down right there on the path, tearing apart my expensive Louis Vuitton top. The deed was done. I pulled myself together before he regains his strength again, running with the remaining power in me. I’ve heard about how ladies get tired and sore on their first try at se x by this was not my case. I had strength in me and I ran with my legs almost touching my head. Rita must have been waiting for about 15 minutes outside her gate because as I got close to her house, I saw her afar off. She ran to me eagerly…but she noticed everything was wrong with me. I could not talk what exactly happened to me but from my looks, you will think I just finished fighting with a Lion.

  I had blood stains all over me.. I was visibly depressed; I could not walk properly with my thighs together. Rita didn’t need to be told what happened to me as she kept asking ‘who did this to you?’ ‘How come?’ ‘Are you fine?’ All I knew next was I was in Rita’s bed after a hot bath, taking hot tea with some of the drugs prescribed by Rita’s doctor friend. It is now six weeks after the event but my life has not remained the same. I’ve been having nauseating feeling and I am just afraid to check at the doctor’s just to know what’s wrong with me. I might be pregnant.
I cannot bring myself to tell my parents. My mum might just collapse and die due to her medical records. I’ve been talking to only Rita about it but I know I need to talk to someone older than us real quick before I do something too drastic…!


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