According to NY Daily News reports:

A Chinese teenager died in her sleep when the iPhone charging next to her gave her a massive electric shock.

The Xinjiang 18-year-old’s older sister discovered the victim’s body July 24, The China Times reported.
The sister smelled something burning and found the teen lying in her bedroom. Her iPhone 4S was sitting next to her, its screen shattered.

The teen’s body was covered in burns and experts from the Forensic Science Association of China concluded she died of electrocution.

Last year, a Chinese flight attendant died from an electronic shock when she answered her ringing iPhone 5 as it charged. She apparently used a third-party charger, not an official one from Apple.
It’s unclear what kind of charger the 18-year-old was using when she died.

Last week, a 13-year-old Texas girl’s smartphone caught fire after it slipped underneath her pillow as she slept.

Ariel Tolfree’s Samsung Galaxy S4 was destroyed and her pillow was burned, but she was uninjured, Texas’s KDFW reported.

This is just crazy… Can you even imagine? Guess we all need to take more cautious with our use of technology.


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