Dangerous Worms Might Happen Inside The Body By Eating This Kind Of Food
Most people were not informed of the food they eat every day, we must stop consuming this kind of food because infectious worms may occur inside the body.
Many people were eating various types of food every day, without being aware of its impact on our body’s health. This specific type of worm can be usually found in meats such as beef and pork. This worms can badly affect our body’s health.
When these worms enter the body, they were spreading throughout the entire body. They can move through our brain, eyes, tissues, and in any parts of our body. Aside from being scary, it can also cause several types of diseases.
A patient in Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge was complaining of severe headaches. After a few days, the patient returned to the hospital complaining of new symptoms such as weakness, headaches, and even seizures.
The patient told the doctors in the hospital that he had recently visited South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, which were the countries reported having the most cases of a parasite called “Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei.” So he was diagnosed with infection sparganosis.
The team of doctors immediately remove the dangerous worms through a surgical operation, which was the only way to treat the infection. This infection was called “Taeniasis” which was caused by Asian, pork, and beef tapeworms.

People can get infected by these tapeworms by consuming under-cooked meat from infected pork or beef. These worms can also enter the body through direct contact with swine or human feces.


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