Here are photos of Joy Eluwa, one of the 3 that murdered Chukwuma Eleje, Jumia delivery man. On the 1st image, she is holding a phone and standing with her boyfriend, one of the callous murderers. The murder was too callous, it was beyond imaginable.

Puzziehilz Brown wrote on her wall:

'On a normal day, Someone will innocently like this picture thinking this pretty lady and the guy standing behind her are normal Homo Sapiens without an idea of how ruthless and heartless they are. Imagine snatching a life and dumping the body into a septic thank because of common IPhone 7...Kai this world is wicked. I CURSE THE DAY THE LIKE OF YOU & YOUR HEARTLESS BOYFRIEND WERE BORN. May you suffer the consequences of your actions & may the pains you have subjected the Family of the innocent Man YOU killed be replicated threefold in your life'


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