A 32-year-old man is trending online after photos of his wedding to an older white woman circulated on social media. According to a witness, the man reportedly from Ondo state -was very elated and couldn't contain his excitement after tying the knot with the woman at Ikoyi registry in Lagos. 

Read what was shared by Chris Ayo (officialchrisay)

Ba mi dupe luwo oluwa ooo.. Mo ti fe oyinbo, jesu seun" (Help me thank God, I've married a white). Those were the words of this young man while receiving a phone call, just after tying the knot with this white woman at the Ikoyi registry earlier today.

Apparently, I was meant to understand that such thing happens almost everyday at the registry. Young Nigerian men come in with different foreign "oldie mama youngie's", all for the Paper's and the Chedda. It's more a like trend!

Obviously, the desire to get a “by-fire-by-force green card” has really blinded alot of Nigerian men or how else does one explain why a 32 year old man would bring home a foreign grandmother for marriage without the elderly in his family berating him.



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