Popular Nigerian Instagram Big Boy KingTBlakHoc known for flaunting his wealth and ladies, is at it again, Thistime a young lady named Ijeoma is currently getting bashed online for showing off tons of cash she got after a night out with the popular Lagos love-vendor King T-blak. King T-blak is notorious for flaunting Unclad ladies and sleeping with them on his social media page

The shocking thing here is, the ladies King Tblak sleeps with and flaunts on social media.. Always hide their faces and Identities behind Masks.. But this time around, seems like this Ijeoma girls and her friend he recently had a night out with are proud of what they do. Lol
As after receiving serious bashing Ijeoma took to her own instagram account to Post the above Photo where she is almost completely buried inside the money she received from sleeping with King T-blak


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