The residents of of a local community were in left in total shock earlier today after a flying bird allegedly fell and turned into a human being in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
According to a Facebook user identified as Efcc Chiko, has taken to the social media platform to post some photos and the shocking story of how a bird which was flying, fell on the road and turned into a human being.
Bird flying at Agip junction fell and turned into Human being.

This morning along Agip, Port-Harcourt a bird that was flying got electrocuted and fell. The little terrified boy standing behind the signpost rushed to pick the bird and immediately it turned to this wretched horrifying looking dead woman. Making everyone run (even those shouting the BLOOD OF JESUS).
Some of these horrifying deaths, accidents and even suicides are caused by these demons manipulating and bewitching people.
The devil is out to destroy lives but God is also out to defend and protect His children. No one can challenge His authority in your life. WE WILL WIN THIS WAR AGAINST THE PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS.


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