things girls wear: Fashion to many is a form of expression; It originates from a deep level of their sense of self and how they want to be viewed by society.
This projected image is fueled by the subscription to the ideal of individualism, thus, Many opt for what they look good in, few develop their own style and stick to it and others get hooked on fashion trends.
Take performing artistes for instance, they appear on stage wearing what promotes the brand they are trying to develop but there’s always the revulsion or disgust caused by overindulgence or excess.
And that seems to be where a lot of young, naive people pay allegiance. Most people just roll over and play dead to the god called fashion trends, sometimes, ignoring the principles of morality they ascribe to.
In Nigeria, albeit a nation with a variety of cultures and religion, morality here is an ultimate; Black is evil, white is good.
Wearing revealing clothes is irresponsible (bad/evil), decency is good. With that reasoning, certain fashion items are classified as satanic and this is not a call for justification of these items.
The universe is governed by rules and the rule here is: These fashion items are notoriously satanic and evil is not welcome here.
See the demonic fashion items young people are wearing in today world…


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