Some people say acting or singing  is an art that is learned over time while others think it is a talent that is inherent in us. Whatever the case may be, Nigerian entertainment industry does have a bunch of people who have been remarkable in both fields even as little children.
We bring you a list of children who blew your minds with their performances on TV and how they have grown into fine adults that you’d barely recognize.

1 Benita Okojie

She was known popularly for her gospel hit track, ‘Osemudiamem’. Okojie who still sings got married to her beau, Olawale Adeyina on November 26, 2016.

2 Sharon Ezeamaka

Sharon who was well known as child for her roles in ‘Dear Mother’, ‘Doris My Love’ among others has grown into a beautiful and curvy young woman. She starred in MTV Shuga’s season 2 and she did not fail to interpret her role effectively.

3 Williams Uche-Mbah

He is now a graduate of University Of Nigeria, Nsukka and currently African Youth Representative to the UN. Mbah was one of the most sought after actors as a child.

4 Somadina Adinma

Somadina Adinma, started acting at about 5 till date and that has seen him evolve in the industry.
His cuteness and dexterity has continued to earn him various roles that he never allowed that to affect his education as he was able to juggle between the two as he is now a graduate.

5 Sandra Uche Mbah

Sandra who is the younger sister to Williams Uche Mbah was also a sensational child actress.

6 Olumide Oworu

Owuro started acting at age six on Everyday People, and then moved on to other television series such as The Patriot, The Johnsons, Staying Strong and MTV Shuga.

7 Opemipo Bamgbopa

The former child-star featured in movies such as Bororo, One Love (Soap Opera) and most notably Maradona in the early 2000s. She has grown into a beautiful lady.

8 Peter Bunor Junior

Peter Bunor junior who was the son of late ace actor, Peter Bunor was also a screen sensation as a child.

9 Regina Daniels

The teen actress who started acing as a toddler is still very much around in the industry as she continues to entertain her fans.


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