An elderly woman in Tembisa Johannesburg, has caused havoc across South Africa by frequently changing into a young girl and taking men to bed.
It has been happening for quite a while now, that the police have been alerted about the black magic.
The woman is is identified as MaNtuli hails from Limpopo. The matter came to light when her black magic failed to work resulting in her changing into her elderly body before leaving her client.
A man from Tembisa identified as Vuyo was shocked to find himself sleeping next to an elderly figure in her bedroom. He had brought home a cute girlfriend to spend the night with.
‘I woke up to discover that she wasn’t the person i brought home.
I brought a girl. Not this woman,” he told journalists.
 Eyewitness reveals that Vuyo a taxi driver left the tarven with a beautiful looking yellow bone middle aged girl and later to found himself with an old woman. ”
Witchcraft is real, this is juju. Vuyo might have been drunk but we were not, we saw what happened.

He left the tarven with a yellow bone now he woke up sleeping with an old gogo” he said. No report was filled to the police


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