Do you follow Ngozi Ezeonu’s life and career? What changes have happened in her family life? Read all about it here. It is not a secret that Ngozi Ezeonu is a very famous Nollywood actress and model.
Before she has become really famous in the sphere of Nigerian movies, she had managed to work as a journalist and hair-dresser. Can you imagine?
Ngozi Ezeonu marriage
Speaking about Ngozi Ezeonu’s family, she has been in a marriage with her husband already for 14 years. Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband’s name is Edwin.

Despite all the rumors of their break-up, they are still happy together. Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband is lucky to have such bright wife and talented one at that.
See Ngozi Ezeonu childrenng4
As for Ngozi Ezeonu’s children, she has four of them. Ngozi Ezeonu’s daughter is a real beauty like her mum.
Watch Ngozi Ezeonu with her sons: Hope you admired Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband and children.
There is no many photos where Ngozi Ezeonu is depicted with her family, she does not parade her family.


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