Ini Edo’s movies can`t leave the hearts of Nigerians. Her Nollywood acting career started in 2000. Her very first movie – “Thick Madam” brought her popularity. Ini Edo is one of the most famous and talented actresses in Nigeria. Still, her fans want to know about any recent news of Ini Edo kids. How many kids does she have?

Ini Edo Kids and first husband

Her first marriage with a US businessman Phillip Ehiagwina was a sweet dream. Their marriage started in November 2008. Fans waited for news about their kids or the potential pregnancy of Ini Edo. First rumors about Ini Edo kids were reported in September 2013.
Phillip Ehiagwina posted the pictures from their vacation on his Instagram page. A slightly big belly of Ini Edo momentarily attracted the attention of fans. A lot of people were sure that Ini Edo actress was pregnant.

Unfortunately, these rumors were not true. Three years later Ini Edo marriage collapsed. The couple did not have children from that marriage.

Ini Edo`s Life After The Divorce

After the divorce, she became closer to her family. Ini Edo and her sister started to talk after years of grudges. Ini Edo movies returned to the TV screens of Nigerians. When she became single, the news media started to search for new partners for her. Mike Godson was one of the first. However, Ini Edo did not prove rumors of their relationships.
One of the recent news is her potential relationships with the chairman of Stanel Oil, Mr. Stanley Uzochukwu. He has three kids and he is still a married man. Ini Edo did not confirm this relationship either.

Ini Edo Kids Revelations

Ini Edo movies make Nigerians cry and her personal life makes us sad for her. Ini Edo age is 34 now. She has no kids and does not have a life partner. She is an elegant woman with dreams and goals for her life. Still, in her recent interview, she confessed: “Wished I had kids at 25”.
Nigerians can only wait for news about Ini Edo kids. For today, it`s not a real thing. However, they can enjoy Ini Edo movies and hope for news about the next Ini Edo relationship.

Only this time, the relationship should end with family and kids! Fans want to see their favorite Nollywood celebrity happy.


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