A woman who used to be the fattest lady in the whole of India has been completely transformed after an incredible weight loss journey.
Amita Rajani
The incredible transformation of a woman who lost a staggering 27 stone to find love, has been told.
Daily Star UK reports that Amita Rajani, 44, was bedridden for eight years and tipped the scales at a whopping 47 stones.
She needed the help of four people just to stand up.
But following the death of her father she begged doctors to help her and they agreed to surgically reduce the size of her stomach.

Now Amita – who was India’s heaviest woman – weighs 19 stone and is aiming to half her weight again in a year to look for love.

Amita (how she looks now and how she used to look)
Amita, from Vasai, India, said: “My life has changed drastically.
“I was confined to my bedroom for almost eight years as I could barely walk a few steps.
“Now, I can walk a few kilometres at a stretch, drive my car to work and go out shopping.”
“I walk for at least 2km daily when before I needed help to turn from one side to another in the bed,” she continued. “I won’t stop till I reduce my weight to 60kg.
“Once I achieve the target I will look forward to finding a match for myself – but not before that.”
Amita’s father passed away in 2014 and after suffering depression – piling on more weight until she was five feet wide – she decided to take action in 2015.
Bariatric surgeon Dr Shashank Shah, who agreed to help her at Pune Hospital in April 2015, said: “We decided to take the challenge.
“We got a mini truck to carry her to hospital.
“Her legs were swollen so a special compression device was used to squeeze all the excess fluid from her legs back into the body.”
She lost 25 stone – 11 stone in the first eight weeks – before having another sleeve gastrectomy last month.
Speaking after her second surgery, she said: “I used to work online all these years as I couldn’t move around.

“My mother too wasn’t able to go anywhere as she had to be there for me.”


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