The newest dad in the industry has be really excited about his new baby girl ‘Hailey Veronica Adeleke’! It’s obvious the love the singer has for his second baby mama Amanda is rated high and something more could come out of it like!

Here are five obvious signs the singer might  end up being a husband to his second baby “Amanda”
1. He named her after his late mum( Dr Veronica Adeleke) the daughter who is now Hailey Veronica Adeleke
2. He threw an elaborate baby shower for her . Remember the Viral baby shower of May 7th which add the DMW Gang and friends turned up with games, drinks and all manner of fun for everyone

3. He was there during child birth : Despite the schedule of the busy singer he made out time to await the birth of his baby girl at Atlanta  

4. He went baby shopping himself: The singer decided to shop for Veronica himself and he made nice choice of feminine stuffs

5. He constantly made a public announcement for snapchat like pray for us,Hailey on the way, baby shopping on the for Hailey, my daughter is beautiful


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