Nollywood is filled with beautiful women who have passed down their beauty to their off-springs. As the young ones grow just as beautiful as their mothers, many can’t help but think that with time they too would reign in beauty just like them.
Some of these stars had kids at a very young age, even before fame. As they are established, their daughters have grown and still growing into pretty ladies. Due to their exposure, some of them have used their influence to put their daughters in the spotlight.
The spotlight which is inevitable for these ones have become a place of admiration. Such that, watching the young ones grow is a subtle assurance for fans that their stars live on in style and beauty.
We bring you the gorgeous celebrity daughters who will soon take over from their mothers.

1. Everyone loves Omotola Jalade for her beauty and Meraiah is just like her mother; beautiful and elegant.

Omotola and her daughter Meraiah
2. Stylish Mercy Aigbe is raising a model and boy do fans love every bit of Michelle and her popping melanin.

Mercy Aigbe and daughter Michelle
3. Iyabo Ojo is a sophisticated hustler, a woman who is there for her kids. No surprise Priscy is turning out just pretty like her mama.

Iyabo Ojo and daughter Priscy
4. Annie still has a few years before she’s picking out dinner gowns for her girls but when you’ve got two adorable baby girls, you know you’ve done it just right.

Annie and her girls, Isabelle and Olivia


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