It was an embarrassing scene at Kairos Rhema Embassy in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Wednesday, when the wife of the pastor of the church openly informed worshippers that her husband of 5 years had impregnated a female member of the church.
The pastor’s wife, Idongesit Ese, was prevented from entering the auditorium, but she defiantly stood at the church premises to tell her story. .
“I want every man and woman who has conscience in this church to ask my husband why he is doing this to me, why would he be sleeping with a young girl who came to seek counseling and prayers from him,” Mrs. Ese said with teary eyes.
“I caught my husband in a hotel having sex with Evelyn Etim. As I speak to you, Evelyn has given birth to a baby boy and she is living in Eket with my husband.” .
The pastor, Nsikanabasi Ese, may have had a hint of the wife’s intention, it seemed. As soon as the wife stepped out of the car, a dozen of young men said to be hired thugs accosted her, and also attached newsmen present.

Witnesses told PremiumTimes that they saw one of the thugs slap Mrs. Ese. Mr. Ese is the same pastor who, some weeks ago, knocked down a customs officer, while trying to evade duties check.
Mrs. Ese showed people a photo of herself with a bloodied face. “That’s when my husband beat me and hit me with his car and ran away with Evelyn when I caught them in the hotel,” she explained. .
“I want members of the church to know why I haven’t been attending programmes. Many people have been calling me to inform me that my husband lied that I traveled out of the country,” she added.
According to some persons who claimed to have spoken with Mr. Ese, the pastor was accusing the wife of having lied to him about her age and her level of education and has now filed for a divorce.
Pastor Moses, who stood in as Mr. Ese’s father during his traditional marriage, was quoted as saying: “He didn’t give me any vital reason why he should divorce, he just said the woman is harsh. I don’t believe he is called by God. I have told him and his mother not to come to my house anymore.”


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