Are you in the habit of eating suya, akara (bean cake) and other fried and roasted foods wrapped in printed paper? Experts have warned that such foods are inimical to health because chemicals in the printed paper include lead, a toxic substance that has been linked to the development of low IQ, kidney damage, anaemia and cancer.

Dr Ishiaq Omostosho, a specialist advisor to University College Hospital, Ibadan on toxicology, stated that lead often leaches into food items, especially the fried ones, when it is used as a food wrapper.
The biochemical toxicologist, who remarked that it was misnomer to wrap cooked foods in things such as newspapers or printed leaflets, declared that there is hardly any ink that does not contain lead

“It is an additive to ink to ensure whatever is printed does not easily rub off, fade and that it lasts long,” he declared.

According to him, lead leaches at a faster rate into food when such is packed when hot and when such a food is fried


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