Wizkid is one of the most famous Nigerian singers. Despite his young age, he has managed to create a good life and earn some money. Take a look at Wizkid Family Pics!

He is a singer, songwriter, and businessman. He is an ambassador of Pepsi corporation. His endorsement deals earns him millions of Naira. Wizkid songs also brings in a lion share of his revenues. With all his revenues he can earn up to 15 million dollars a year. Still, his true fortune is his family. Let`s take at Wizkid and family pictures!

Top Wizkid Pictures

Wizkid and Family Life
Wizkid together with his Niece and Nephew
Wizkid often connects with his childhood just for a little bit to play with his niece and nephew. In this photo, he showed them a few tricks on a bicycle. Look at their happy faces! These kids definitely enjoy being with their favourite uncle.

Wizkid Baby Mama

If we are talking about family, then it`s almost impossible to forget Wizkid Baby mama. Even if there have been some problems in their relationship, they have decided to maintain peace. Take a look at hear. She certainly is beautiful. It’s no wonder Wizkid had a relationship with her.

Wizkid Child

Even before he was born, he was already famous. Bolywatife Balogun seems to want to be as famous as his father. Even now he looks like a super model. One day, he will be a grown man, maybe he will become an entertainer like his father.

Wizkid and family picture is so sweet! They are the very reason why we are able to hear his songs! Wizkid daddy always tries his best to support son. They sacrificed everything to help their child to become one of the most famous singers in the world. Wizkid never forgets those who helped him reach where he is today.

Wizkid son

Take another look at the son of Wizkid. His dad certainly loves to dote on him and show him off across social media platforms. He is a budding young star, isn’t he?

Wizkid friends

Who can forget friends? Wizkid also remembers one of his childhood friends – Ibrosoye. They have a lot of interesting stories to share. Even if they are not together in the music arena – they have so much in common. They seem to like to hang out together.

Wizkid baby Mama Pregnant

Take a look at a picture of this lady. She is one of Wizkid baby mamas when she was pregnant. Wizkid fans were quite relieved when Wizkid showed his baby mama to the public. She is a wonderful woman. Just take a look at her hair and color of skin. It`s majestic!

Wizkid Child and Baby Mama

This young kid has started getting used to camera shots. His mother will surely help him with this task. Still, his smile is pretty sweet. We can’t get enough of photos of Wizkid child. Her’s so adorable. Wizkid baby mama pictures always make his fans smile.
Wizkid and his son in black-white picture


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