Most handsome male actors: Recently, we brought you the list of the most beautiful actresses in the world and lest we be accused of unfairness – it only seems right that today we bring you the hunks of the moment who are the 20 hottest male actors under 30 too. So we have:

1. Liam Hemsworth (1990)

From the Hunger Games to Independence Day: Resurgence Liam’s been belting out big box office numbers for a while now. He’s also engaged to Miley Cyrus, though in an on again – off again kind of way. There’s no doubting that he’s one of Hollywood’s hottest properties and one its hottest men.

2. Jonny Weston (1988)

Assuming you can forgive him for starring in the genuinely dreadful Taken 3 and the almost as appalling The Divergent Series: Allegiant you can probably agree that Jonny is a serious heartthrob. Apparently Johnny fell into acting after taking a theatre class in college; so it’s a bit of a stroke of luck he’s in anything at all.

3. Taylor Lautner (1992)

Taylor’s not been in very much this year but with his past performances in the Twilight series of movies and Valentine’s Day among others – he’s still very much a fan favorite. He keeps in shape with martial arts and when he’s not acting, he’s modeling – hunk city.

4. Skylar Astin (1987)

The ladies love him and that’s probably as much because he sings as well as he acts and the fact that he’s smoking hot of course. His roles in Pitch Perfect and its sequel are what brought him to the public’s attention. He’s stayed there because of his good looks.

5. Jeremy Irvine (1990)

It was the movie War Horse which catapulted Jeremy’s career into the major leagues. He’s worked with Kevin Spacey among others on The Billionaire’s Club and appeared in Fallen with Joely Richardson.

6. Andrew Bachelor (1988)

Our first and only Canadian on the list is “King Bach”. He’s a comedian first and foremost but he’s also a movie actor and that gets him a spot on our list – check out Fifty Shades of Black for a strong performance from Andrew.

 7. Zak Efron (1987)

Zak’s been setting pulses aflame ever since he starred in the world wide mega hit High School Musical. This year he’s been in Dirty Grandpa and Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising. He’s a well-established actor who we’d expect to see much more from in the future.

8. Ryan Guzman (1987)

If you like your men chiseled out of stone then Ryan Guzman might be the perfect actor for you. He’s been in a range of hits from The Boy Next Door to There’s Always Woodstock. This year he’s been in Everybody Wants Some a baseball themed comedy.

9. Michael B Jordan (1987)

It’s fair to say that the “B” is necessary to distinguish the actor from the basketball player. He had a funny year last year starring in both Creed and the rather terribly received remake of the Fantastic Four. But his best moment was appearing on the Bear Grylls TV show.

10. John Boyega (1992)

When you’re the lead in Star Wars then you’re going to be smoking hot and John Boyega fits the bill to a T. He’ll be back next year in the second of the sequel trilogy movies and we’re expecting great things from him then.


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