A married woman is struggling to maintain her marriage in regards to her husband’s high appetite for sєx.
The woman claims her husband asks for sєx daily, and gets insulted if she fails to give in.
“I have been married for several years now. However, I have some problems for which I need advice. My husband wants and demands for sєx every day.”
The husband has even threatened her with divorce if she fails to fulfil his sєxual demands.

“Whenever I say no or I cannot for one reason or the other, he hurls all manner of insults to me and threatens to end our marriage.”
He has even become suspicious of her, demanding to know her every move, probably thinking she is cheating since she isn’t giving into his demands
“Of late he demanded my Facebook password and is now managing my account. He also started demanding that I come home straight at the end of our church service”I don’t know what has gotten into him. I am not sure if this is true love or something else and I don’t know what else I can do to please him.”
What would you do if you were in this situation?


  1. Give him the sex and dont complain...Or do u want him to get it elsewhere

  2. Please give him sex anytime he demands it. it is an indication that he dosen't cheat on you or having affairs elsewhere. He appreciate and cherish you that is why his treating or monitoring your movement. If it were to be some men, they wouldn't even border you again once you denying them of sex twice, they will just go out and have it anywhere and once a man is having affairs with another woman it is very dangerous for his wife and even him self. so, my candid advice is that keep given it anytime he demands it. God will give you grace. If you want more counseling u can call 2348022659968 (TAIWO)