Olu Jacobs is a famous Nigerian actor. Still, despite his fame, he does not bring journalists close to his family.
His past family issues did not give much choice.
Let`s look at what we know about Olu Jacobs Family.
Olu Jacobs Family
Olu Jacobs from the very beginning had family issues with parents.
They were frustrated at theiir son`s career choice.

This forced young Olu Jacobs to leave Nigeria and study Dramatic Arts in the United Kingdom.
When he returned to Nigeria after his graduation – there were no jobs for artists. His first job was in TV series “Vigilante”.
Olu Jacobs met his wife Joke Silvia at the casting of Wole Soyinka`s “Jero`s Metamorphosis”.

Olu Jacobs wife is also a famous actress who changed the course of history for Nigerian Arts industry.
The famous Nigerian couple has two sons. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silvia children rarely appeared to the public.

According to the reports, Olu Jacobs sons studied in the Great Britain. They also did not show any sign of going into a career in acting.
Still, Joke Silvia shared a photo of her son, Gbenga Jacobs with the public. Olu Jacobs child and Joke Silvia appeared together at the MTN Project Fame West Africa Show.

This young man greatly resembles his dad. The other son of the couple is also a mystery to the public. He once appeared at the National Award in Abuja when his mother was receiving an award.
Olu Jacobs is a brilliant movie and drama actor that invested his soul into the art industry in Nigeria.
He is one artist that does not desire to show off his family. Still, people want to know more about their favorite actor. For them, it seems unfair that he hides his sons from the public.


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