Wetin our eyes no go see for this country because of money?
You see them with Plenty Blings on their Neck, looking fresh and Cruising Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche all around time.
Most greedy and foolish ladies run after them and young boys wishing to be like them without thinking of what they do in the corner of their houses to get those ill gotten money.
A News just got to us today that a 24 years old “Lukmon Anifowoshe” who resides in ilorin was arrested today after having S*x with a lady she carried from the club to spend the night with*Name Withheld* before the ugly incident happened.
The Suspected Internet fraudster released handful of Maggot into the ladies p’ussy instead of S’perm.
Lukmon confirmed he was aware and the lady in question has been used and will die very soon. The heartless boy has been detained and will be charged to court as the lady in question struggle for her dear life.
We’ll update you guys as soon as we have more info.
Guys be careful of the Friend’s you keep and stay away from Greed. Don’t indulge yourself in anything illegal, Shady or Fetish just because of Money. You still won’t be the richest in any Town or State you resides in.
You can become anything you want with aggressive determination, seriousness and passion.
Greed and Wannabe have destroyed the life of so many Ladies and Slay Queens. Some ladies goes crazy whenever they see a guy with Car key (Some na Smoke Lighter and Generator key).
Believe in yourself and Strive to become a better person. We’ve seen loads of Pretty ladies with Brain raking in Millions of Naira doing clean and legal business.
If you are the greedy type that fu*k around for Money to buy yourself a Car and live that good life, I pity you because the end result will always be Destructive.
You Will Die!
Stay hopeful, Prayerful and Aspiring.
God Bless you all – We  You!


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