We can’t easily forget some months back when our ever kinky Tontolet added some baby weight and we couldn’t keep calm… Remember these?
Sure you do!
Well, she in no time, shed the baby weight and we can breathe again… but how did she go from that to this so quickly?! Many of us have wondered and now the beauty has given us an insight as to how she did it.
Taking to her IG to share, she says,
“I have been asked too many times by so many woman struggling with their weight(baby fat etc) how I successfully shed all of my weight..
The SSF DIET has an advice diet and fitness program that deals with human organism and their blood types.
Different blood groups response differently from each other when it comes to DNA analysis,There are different diet programs all over the world that deals with keeping healthy and Lossing weight with different perspective .BUT SSF diet program believes in nature.Nature made us and at the same time provided us with energy food we need to stay healthy.
The SSF diet focusses On our blood chemistry and the BMI.
The body can not function properly or respond the way it was created without the blood type and DNA
Research has shown that blood O risk ulcer ,inflammatory disease such as arthritis if they don’t eat correctly. Eating according to your blood type also implies on how you work out everyday.
Blood group O should avoid wheat and other grains to avoid complications in future.
Different body types also counts when fallowing up with SSF diet. Specific body type like Endomorph has a bad history in Lossing weight and can not have a successful program without SSF diet program
When it comes with body types in women we have the Android ,Gynaeoid, lymphatic,Thyroid. SSF diet program put so much inconsideration to get the best result in every human being that have difficulties in Lossing weight or staying healthy.
Food combination has caused a lot of Nigerian their life’s over the years. Rice and meat or beans can not be mixed together and many more. Human body naturally respond to complex cab not simple cab .
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See recent photos of the beauty looking all slender and Tonto once again!
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