A man who married his wife in January this year has allegedly stabbed her to death after she served him hot food.
The man allegedly killed the wife by stabbing her to death
Nigerian women have called on those in power to implement a law against domestic violence following the increased number of deaths witnessed as a result of assaults from domestic related issues.
This follows the sad story shared on social media of a man who reportedly stabbed his wife to death over a disagreement. Abimbola Kay Oladapo who shared the photos online revealed that the unnamed man killed the wife for serving him hot food.
The couple reportedly got married in January, 2017.
The incident which happened in May has been used as an example of why domestic violence must stop before it takes innocent lives.
“This young man stabbed his wife to death just because the food she served him was very hot”se oro niyen”they got married January 26 2017…. R.I.P bolatito 😔😔😔.” Oladapo wrote.


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