funeral of 25 year-old  Ghanaian snapchat boss chick, DC Queen who was murdered with tongue and v.@.gina cut off at Dome-Kwabenya area took place at Lapaz today.
As expected, it was a slay day for slay queens, but mourning continued with girls weeping as the body was lifted off to be buried at the Dome cemetery.
This girl couldn’t help it

With the mourning ongoing, this girl’s attire caught our attention. What the heck was she thinking? slaying? LOL

Huge scuffle erupted because the family decided not to open the body. That did not come as a surprise because the body was in a bad state. Watch that here:
A few weeks ago, she was murdered with body parts (v.agina and tongue) cut off.
DC Queen was known for her extravagant lifestyle displays posted on Snapchat where she had amassed a substantial following.


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