Evicted Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala housemates, Dee-One and Vandora, have given their reasons why they don’t like housemate, Tobi.

Vandora is of the opinion that Tobi is manipulative and turns housemates against each other, which is why she doesn’t like him. She also says that Cee-c is nice and real, and that her character is being misinterpreted by viewers.
In her own words,
He likes to undermine people, he defines people’s insecurity as flaws. I was quiet when I got into the house but then he made me look fake. The fact that I kept to myself does not make me fake. He is undermining people’s character , he is playing a dirty game. Tobi is really malicious and tries to turn housemates against each other. That shows how desperate he is,” Vandora said in an interview with Linda Tv”.

Akin to Vandora, Dee-One says Tobi is playing mind games with Nigerians, which is why he has a large number of fans. He added that Cee-C is very intelligent and nice but wrongly perceived by Nigerians.
“Tobi is playing on Nigerians, planting ideas on other housemates. In the end ,Nigerians will get to know, Tobi cannot hide his real character for a long time. He is the one playing the mind game, he is calculative and plotting evil . Cee- c is being herself, she is intelligent and nice.Yes, she has attitude but when it looks like shes eyeing you she has eye issue thats why. Its working for him but in the end it does not make sense if u keep manipulating people.”
Do you agree with them?
Meanwhile, Tobi sometime last week revealed that he’s gotten all he wants from his love interest, Cee-C – he made this known while speaking with fellow housemate, Miracle.
According to Tobi, the first weeks in the house were used by him to study Cee-C. He said,

“I have gotten all I needed from Cee-c. She has shown me all I needed to see and I no longer have anything to do with her, I’m telling you the truth. “In the first two weeks of our stay here, I love her genuinely. But later I discovered she wasn’t it, you understand? “See, that girl is poisonous. I’m not apologetic for anything.”


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