Following her majestic return to the Big Brother House moments ago, Queen Koko, Khloe has shared what she plans to do next in the house.
Obviously remorseful about her disqualification from the house weeks ago, Khloe says she’s learnt her lesson and won’t let her emotions get the best of her this time.
… BUT.

She’s bringing back what she’s known for – DRAMA! – the beauty has said that the drama queen is back and now we know there’s someone who’s going to give Aunty Cee-C a run for her money.
Matter of fact, Khloe stated specifically that she’s going to set the controversial housemate, Cee-C straight when she returns to the house – we certainly can’t wait for this to happen.

Khloe later on declared that she’s open to anything after she was asked what her relationship status will be with Teddy A – She was asked what it’ll be like with Teddy A who’s quite fond of her and she said she’s “Open for anything
If there’s one thing we’re certain of… it’s that Khloe defines drama and we sure as hell can’t wait for her to bring it back to the house!


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