Monkey Dressed As A Blonde Little Girl & Forced To Beg On The Roadside (Video)A video showing a monkey dressed like a female doll and chained to the roadside to beg, has angered viewers.
The cruel video was filmed in Bogor, Indonesia and shared on social media. It shows the monkey wearing a female doll mask and dressed in all pink as it stood by the side of the road begging drivers for money with a blue bucket
A lot of people who watched the video have said it’s animal cruelty, while a few saw it as entertainment.
The incident is part of a traditional street performance known as Topeng Monyet, translated as Monkey’s Mask.
It’s a controversial form of entertainment that sees captive monkeys forced to dress as human and perform stunts such as riding bicycles.
They are chained by their neck and videos online show them being yanked cruelly whilst performing for the public.
Topeng Monyet was banned in Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta after a campaign in 2013.
Many of the monkey were unable to return to the forests that they were taken from because of severe physical and mental trauma. However, the practice continues throughout Indonesia.

Watch the video below;


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