Fans are tired of Alex’s constant partying, and they’ve taken to the comment section of her Instagram page to air their displeasure.

Some are of the opinion that she should limit the “party” she attends, and do something more for the fans.. not just party.. Perhaps, she should delve into education and what’s not.
A user @queenbibi9 wrote: Wait… We ur fans still Love you… But is it about just PARTY alone?? What’s up with innovative, educative or rather income yielding platforms?? You should think about it. It’s not about “shakulizing” or “Yobolizing”.. People will soon get over saturated with it…
Another user, @Kingmzbee wrote: “Nawa oooo…. Please the party is just too much biko… Issit just party you’ve got to offer?? Please no hating buh the party is just too alarming.. Abi you’re looking for an endorsement in a club??? Biko iyam asking for a friend.

Insstagram user, @lesadiamond: Another Party?? damn if it’s not a party, it’s Tobi taking pics. Aww well, at least we know she won’t go hungry so good for her, every penny counts.
@busybraining wrote: As endorsement no gree come, club attendant go bring something.. am just passing by, I beggie.


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