Rap couple, Cardi B and Offset are allegedly a married couple already – this claim can is backed with a document as proof.
The rapper, one of the trio, Migos, has been known to refer to Cardi B as his wife and the public thought he was only using the word loosely but it turns out they aren’t just engaged but are legally married.
When Migos won Best Group Sunday at the BET Awards, Offset said excitedly:
“I thank my wife. You should thank yours.”
After his confusing statement, TMZ unearthed a marriage certificate in Fulton County, GA on Sept. 20, 2017. The certificate looks legit and has both of their names on it.
Cardi B secretly married

Should this be real, that means the couple was already married before their very public engagement which happened in October during their performance in Philly.
A while ago, the pregnant rapper who is expecting her first child with her ‘husband’, took to Instagram to thank her unborn baby girl for giving her a whole ‘new pair of boobs’.
In a video, she shared on her page, the rapper who is seven months pregnant, told her 24 million fans:

‘You see what my child is doing to me? T***ies is getting bigger. B***h don’t have to go and get her t***es done no more. I got a whole new pair of t***ies,’
‘Got to go to Victoria’s Secret to get me a new bra. Do you see my mother f***in hair? This s*** growing and growing. You see my skin? Look like a b***h put moisturizer on, but I just woke up.’
Cardi added: ‘You know what, I be getting really bad heartburn and sometimes I just loose my breath, the mood swings be crazy, but my child do me good. I feel good.’


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