Khloe who was recently called out yesterday by trolls after Cee-C had a dinner date with Leo over the weekend, has sent a stern warning to someone or a group of persons.
Khloe made it known that she is a child of the greatest warrior and warned trolls to watch what they say to her or about her before they call on a war.
Read her post below:

No jokes ( I am a child of the greatest warrior) watch what you say to me or about me before you call on war when you don’t even have an arrow. Stay clear off koko’s biz and peace shall be yours.” I’m that kind of lady than can take your man and crown him my king” “take away ur smile and make it my laughter “ “ take your broom and make it my ladder “ I AM SUPERIOR 💫#caution#ifyouknowyouknow#idontlikewhatihate#idontAskiTake#parables


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