Birthdays just got better for teenagers as 16 year old girl, Priscilla was left speechless when her parents surprised her with a 2018 Jeep Wrangler just to celebrate her birthday.
The Overexcited lady shared the photos on her twitter page and some of her followers aren’t as happy as she is, neither are they happy for her. While others on the other hand are congratulating her on her latest achievement and wishing it on themselves and their future generations.
To those who criticized her of her, Priscilla went on to she doesn’t
She wrote:
I just wanna let everyone who is being bitter about my tweet know that, if your parents got you a brand new car, you would TAKE IT. I know damn well none of you are gonna be like “oh no mom/dad, it’s too new return it” so shut up already
See photos below;


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