Veteran showbiz couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe (T.W.O) just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and 30 years of friendship.
The pair has now shared the exciting journey of their life and career and how they have managed to stay off controversies in their marital life and music career.
They revealed this in a new interview.
See excerpts from the interview below:
How have you been able to stay together as a couple for 20 years and also a musical duo for 30 years?
Tunde: When we first came together, it was more like a professional relationship; later we found out that we had a connection. I think the point of attraction then was that we both recently lost our fathers. And our fathers were like the main breadwinners in our families, and a lot of people could not understand this. When you are used to a certain lifestyle and then you lose a parent, things change. We both understood that and connected at that level, and then we realised that we had more common interest other than music; we started finding excuses to rehearse vocally on our own, which is professional. But half of the time, we were talking our own things and things progressed from there. Why I am giving you this background is to let you know that we didn’t purposely juggle anything. The friendship happened naturally and this was due to the talent we shared. If we have been together for thirty years, which means that I was 20 when we met, that means I have known her almost half of my life. So, for me being with her is beyond reason; there is a genuine friendship and I think that is what it is. Our marriage is based on friendship first before any infatuation or love. Love is important but friendship and the respect we have for each other is what has kept us together for these years.
How long did it take you to write the song, Without Your Love?

Wunmi: I can’t say because that is a remix, we just wanted to bring in the remix… and if you listen to it, it was my opportunity to rap (laughs). I have been doing that right from when I was a teenager, but when the Bados came to town, I had to step back. So, for old time sake, what we did was to modify the rap because the rap was there to begin with. So, we changed the music to meet up with what is trending today. It didn’t take too long.
If you were not singers, what would you have done?

Wunmi: I am a woman of many parts. If you asked me when I was about 10-years-old what I wanted to be, I would tell you ‘aircraft engineer’; that is aeronautic engineer. But when I got to secondary school, physics and mathematics came, I then realised this wasn’t a good idea. Then I wanted to be a lawyer, which probably was what I would have been. But today, I am a serial entrepreneur and artiste.

Tunde: For me, I would have ended up doing what my father did. I always loved the art of negotiation. I always loved the opportunity to defend and sell my country to the rest of the world. Or public relations because that is another strength that I have, I think I have natural abilities in that area. Communication is also another strong skill that I have; maybe I would probably be in that area. Wunmi is more of the serial entrepreneur and she has a new business every month.


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