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A Facebook user, simply identified as Ada Bekee, has taken to the platform to frown at the act of uploading corpse of their loved ones who pass away.
According to her, uploading photos of your dead friends in order to wish them ‘RIP’, it’s inhumane, and shows that you are not truly a friend.
Read her post below;
If you wish your dead “friend” RIP by uploading a picture of your friend’s corpse, You are not a friend. You are an attention-seeking slowpoke with no sense of personal morality or decency! Have you taken a moment to imagine the psychological trauma that these postings cause on the REAL friends and family members of the deceased.

A family is dealing with the painful death of a loved one, yet you go ahead and subject them to much more grief by putting up disgracing pictures of the bodies of their deceased loved ones.
You are mad! Yes, I said it!!
Do you know that these traumatizing pictures of the dead you post on social media has tend to serve as constant reminders of the loss and pain of the deceased’s family and friends. Do you know it can hinder them from finding the closure they need to move on??
That you put “RIP” does not make any difference!!!!! We get it, you want to inform people about an accident… a murder… a suicide… an abortion.. But is it necessary to share photos of the deceased
Did you ask the deceased’s family for permission to post the photos.

Would the deceased want to see degrading and disrespectful pictures of himself/herself all over social media??
The desire for virtual relevance and attention has robbed us of any shred of morality, logical reasoning and propriety…
Stop it!!!!!
It is disrespectful, insensitive, cruel, psychotic, heartless and inhumane!!!!


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