A young Nigerian man who shared a selfie to celebrate his survival has died just one day after.
Elemuwa Obinna was out walking with friends when he informed them he wasn’t feeling well. As they continued walking, Obinna collapsed and efforts to revive him proved abortive at first. People gathered, prayed, and did everything they could and after a while, he opened his eyes and began responding to the prayers. He was then rushed to the hospital where he felt much better and even took a selfie to celebrate his survival.
His friend Ezekiel Stmark, who was out walking with Obinna when he collapsed, took to Facebook to share the good news and narrated how it happened. He also thanked God for saving his friend’s life and revealed that he’s doing much better.One day later, Ezekiel returned to Facebook to reveal that his friend Obinna is dead. He reportedly died yesterday afternoon. Ezekiel went to visit Obinna to find out how he was doing and was told he passed on at noon.


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