Kizz Daniel should keep quiet and grow up – HarrysongFor more than a week, Kizz Daniel and Harrysong have been embroiled in a war of words since the latter released his new song, Selense, which featured Daniel.
Daniel had claimed that Harrysong breached the agreement they had when he was approached for the collaboration that also had Reekado Banks in it. In this interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO, Harrysong cleared the air on the controversy that has turned the two music stars against each other.

What informed your decision to do a remix of Selense at a time when the original version was still trending?
I really would not have talked about this matter because I have decided to move on, but because of those who don’t know what has been happening, I may be forced to speak on this. I had to stop the promotion of the first Selense because it was bringing the kind of positive attention that I envisioned for the song.
What do you mean by that?
I am somebody who likes to put his best into anything he does, and I always look out for those who could add value to my job; so if I did not get what I was looking for, I had to switch to Plan B. The plan B was the remix that had Iyanya and Dice Ailes on the remix version.
You were reportedly forced to stop promoting the song because of Kizz Daniel’s verse that seemed to have subtly told you he’s better than you. Is this true?
You may be right if you say he was one of the reasons or perhaps the major reason the promotion of the first Selense had to be discontinued. I didn’t expect him to jump on my song and put out words that are not right. He exhibited arrogance during and after the recording of the song and I was not very happy about it. It didn’t allow me to take the song to the level I wished to take it to.
Is it true that you said he was arrogant?
Kizz Daniel is too proud. I don’t know why a young boy like him can be so arrogant. You don’t just open your mouth and say anything because you feel you have the liberty to talk. Not to me. Not on my song. I would never take that from him.
People have been asking why you released the song if you were not comfortable with his track?
Let me tell you this today, I am a man of my words and I don’t like to dissapoint my fans, no matter what happens. They got me to this level and I am grateful for their love and support over the years. The fact is that I never wanted to release the song when I heard Kizz’s verse but I could not stop it because millions of people were waiting to hear what myself, Kiss and Reekado Banks would come up with on the song. Stopping its release would not be good enough, so I let it go.


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