Nigerian man apologizes after being called out for trying to blackmail a lady with her nudesA Nigerian man identified as @Kenniezoid on Twitter, has tendered an apologized after being called out by a lady for trying to blackmail a lady with her nudes.
According to the lady who called the man out, the nudes threatening Nigerian man was not in a relationship with the lady, but had consented sex with her.
Her tweets read;
This guy is threatening to blackmail a girl by posting her nudes on blog pages….I don’t know what stupid trend you guys have started but revenge porn is a serious crime….I won’t let this go
I’m going to protect the girl’s identity and expose his instead since he’s looking to be famous so badly
They were not dating…just started off as a consented thingy between them and this guy started demanding and demanding and she didn’t want to send anymore and he decided to threaten her to post the nudes if she didn’t send more nudes and sext him or phone fuck him.
I am told this is not the first time or first girl…..Pls report all his accounts on twitter instagram and have him suspended so that he can go and carry cement at building site…when he goes home he would be too tired to be harassing girls for nudes…foolish fat goat
Look at the flimsy apology he sent to her…these are the kind of people that are very capable of rape if they get the opportunity…this apology won’t be accepted. He must give a well written apology and stating he won’t harass her for nudes or sec again

However reacting to the call out post, the Nigerian man who claimed he made a mistake, wrote;
I am really sorry I know I have let you guys down and I am not sure I’ll be able to forgive myself.
Here is a screenshot of his apology before his Twitter handle was taken down;


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