A Twitter user took to social media to ask about peopl’s memorable experience with strangers. He tweeted “What’s the most memorable moment you shared with a stranger who you never saw again?”
See responses below;
See experiences below;
 My girlfriends and I were in an Uber and saw the most beautiful Mercedes ever in Lekki. We waved and after a while we noticed he kept following us.He flashed us after a while and we told the Uber to stop.He came up to us to see if we were okay.He thought we were getting kidnapped.
-Was stranded in Benue my cousin’s phone was off ATM was saying financial institution unavailable ,met this 2 roomm8s in a nearby bar.we talked and they invited me over for the night.we got talking I lied I was a Virgin.I lost my fake virginity that night twice.left next morning
– In SA, uber drivers are killed & burnt by / drivers. I was going from Menlyn to yside. Got stopped by # guys, they ? who I was travelling w & I said my bf & they said I should prove it or he’ll be in trouble, I grabbed & kissed my driver PASSIONATELY. THEYLETHIM
GO. Since.
– Once I was in a taxi and a guy was at the other side, we caught eye contact and began communicating due to traffic with simple signs, even said few things bout ourselves and our day, his mother saw him and hit his head from the back seat, we both burst out laughing
– Someone duped me of N10,000 that I was supposed to pay in school as I had just gained admission. I was crying in front of my aunt’s shop. Three policemen stopped & when they found out, they contributed 10K & told me to go be great.
I wish I can recognize them
– Back when i was hawking perfumes in bars and beer parlors, Someone bought one perfume of 2,500 and paid 50,000. Then gave me the perfume. It was at night. Didn’t even get a proper look at his face.
– There was no bus and it was raining heavily. This man stopped by the junction and signalled to me to enter his vehicle, I said no.He said he knows I’m scared. I entered, he dropped me in front of my house. Took like 2hours to get there but he did. I wish I could thank him again.


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